Natural Stone

Natural Stone Kitchen


Granite has long been one of the most popular natural stones on the market. Granite exists in a variety of colors, patterns and textures, making it a viable option for any project. Along with its natural beauty, granite's strength and durability adds to its attractiveness. 


With a long and rich history in art and design, marble is one of the most beautiful materials available. Care and maintenance with this particular stone is high, but if you are properly educated and do not mind the extra work, marble could be the stone for you. Most known for its striking grey veins atop a stark white background, marble also comes in bold, fun colors.


A quartzites earthy tones and crystalline structure sets it apart from other natural stones. People tend to love quartzite because it can resemble the striking look of marble, but does not require the marble maintenance. Extremely durable and red wine approved, quartzite is truly one of a kind and will always demand attention.


The best way to describe a Dolomite is a mix between a quartzite and a marble. Dolomite has a quartzite appearance, but requires some TLC like marble. This stone is typically more affordable than a quartzite or marble, making it a popular choice for natural stone lovers. 


Other popular natural stones we work with...




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