Quartz Countertops Milwaukee

Quartz Countertops Milwaukee

Quartz, marble and granite are the most popular materials for making Chicago countertops these days. That is not all, these materials also find application in other areas of the home such as the bathroom and toilet.

There are several reasons why people love these materials. However, the primary reason is that they enhance the appeal of wherever they are used. Other reasons include durability and long-lasting.

One dilemma many people face when making a kitchen countertop is choosing the material to use. If you are in such a situation, then this article is for you.

Although, there is no straightforward solution, having all the facts at hand can help you make the right decision. In this post, we will compare quartz with marble and granite and with this knowledge, you will be able to choose which is best for you.


Quartz is a mineral; it is entirely made up of one chemical compound – silicon dioxide. Quartz can be pure or otherwise. Pure quartz is clear and untainted. Impure quartz, on the other hand, isn’t clear. However, this impurity is what makes quartz so stunning and diverse. These impurities are responsible for its many colors and shades.

To make quartz countertops, manufacturers mix powdered quartz with resin. From this mixture, slabs are formed, which are then put to use in our kitchens, bathrooms, and others.

Because of its production method, engineered quartz is not porous like marble and granite. Also, it is low maintenance: it is not easily damaged by acidic liquids, hot pots and pans, and hands.


Marble is a stone, a metamorphic one, to be precise. It was formed as a result of limestone being subjected to heat and pressure over a very long period of time. That’s not all, this material is soft, hence, it is referred to as a soft stone. Because of its softness, it is easily damaged. It is also porous, hence, can be damaged easily by harsh and acidic liquids.

To protect it from spills, it is advisable to seal it regularly with a sealant. Resealing can occur every 3-6 months. By the way, darker colored marble can take a longer interval between resealing than lighter colored marble.

One very appealing thing about marble are the natural veins and grains that run through it. If you are fine and can keep up with the high maintenance it requires, then you should definitely go for it.


Like marble, granite is also a stone. Apart from this, it comes in a variety of colors. Unlike marble, however, it is composed of many materials including quartz, feldspar, silica, and mica. Also, it is harder than marble and can withstand more abuse including scratches, scorches, and etches. However, it is still porous and, as such, can be damaged by harsh liquids. You can prevent this by sealing it yearly.

Finally, granite has fine grains and veins that enhance its appeal. If you are looking for granite countertops in Chicago, we at Sprovierie can help you.

Based on these submissions, we believe you should be able to decide which material is best for you. If you need help choosing one, you can contact Sprovierie’s custom counters on 630-543-3400. We make amazing marble, granite, and quartz countertops in Milwaukee. And if you are looking for the best stone countertops for sale in Chicago, IL, you can trust us to have them.

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