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Metal Primer

Metal Primer

You can update and improve the look of metal items with the application of paint. Using paint on metal can be somewhat tricky. You need to make sure that you follow the correct procedure and use the proper type of metal primer and paint to ensure beautiful and lasting results. You can update many different objects and metal surfaces with a coat of primer and paint that is made specifically for metal.

How Do You Prime and Paint Metal?

Metal surfaces require special primer and paint. You should always prepare the surface properly as the first step in the painting process. If you fail to prepare the surface you will likely get less than adequate results. Before you prime an object you should sand it completely to remove any loose materials. If the surface is damaged or full of rust you may need to take steps to remove the original paint so that you can start with a clean and smooth metal surface. Surfaces that contain oil or grease need to be completely cleaned before you being application of primer paint. You can clean away grease and oil using solvent.

What Kind of Primer Do I Need For Metal?

It is important to choose a rust-proofing metal primer when you are preparing to paint metal surfaces. Ferrous Metal Primer is the product that is recommended for use on iron and steel. It provides excellent rust-proofing and has good hiding abilities. It is durable and can be used on interior or exterior surfaces. Using this type of primer will ensure that the final coat of paint adheres properly to create a beautiful and lasting finish. Surfaces other than steel or iron require a different type of primer.

What Tools Do I Need To Apply Metal Primer?

The application of metal primer requires a high quality natural bristle brush. We recommend using an Omega Small Flats, S57s or Omega Large Full Oval, S55-2, for small to mid-sized projects. For larger projects we recommend the Omega Large Full Oval S55-2 or S55-3. You will also need some additional items including a metal brush to remove loose rust and sandpaper to roughly sand off any areas that are uneven. You should also have some mineral spirits on hand for brush cleanup. Make sure that you apply primer in a well ventilated area that is as free from dust as possible.

How Soon Can I Paint the Surface After Using Primer?

Primer will dry to a tack-free finish in 3 to 5 hours but you should wait a full 24 hours before applying another coat or a finish coat of paint. The paint comes in a .75L container which supplies enough paint to cover 120 square feet. You must clean up using mineral spirits. The primer coat should dry to a thickness of 35 to 40 microns. You can apply another coat if necessary as long as you wait 24 hours. Ferrous primer is available in off-white color. This color is ideal for most all uses and applications.


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