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Fix Scratched Glass

Fix Scratched Glass

When there are scratches on glasses, people tend to either let it be or change the glass. But in cases where the glass has a cultural or emotional significance, what do you do? Throw it away? No. You can fix scratched glass by hiring us. Here's why and how we fix scratched glass.

Why we do what we do

We know not everyone is buoyant enough to afford the luxury of changing a scratched glass, and not everyone wants to discard the glass their great grandparents left as a legacy for them. Hence we developed an unexcelled art in restoring glass to its former glory. We accrued this expertise through a long-range experience and careful examination. It is often said that to check whether a company is a professional in art, their wide range of experience should be worthwhile.

Our years of experience speak for us! We offer commercial glass polishing and various services that involve both residential and commercial glass restoration services. We unscratch glasses not because we believe you can't afford another new quality glass but because we want to advocate for the glass. We want to return it to its ideal and ultimate legacy.

We want to make sure the integrity of the glass is intact and available for the future generation. In short, we offer professional glass restoration in a bid to preserve historical glass for posterity.

Why you should hire us

Most glass owners don't know there are now ways to determine the professionalism of scratch removals. Professional glass restoration is a special duty that only the foremost restoration companies with adequate experience should handle. We are the finest and highest in the business. Our experience speaks for us anywhere we go. Our bids and demo are unsurpassed. We are merely unbeaten in the art of glass restoration. Not only do we restore the glory of scratched glasses, but we also offer glass restoration consulting services.

How do we restore scratched glasses? 

We have several glass restoration products that we use. We also offer these products for sale in our outlet. For the perpetual DIY enthusiast, there are scratches that we offer restoration products for that you can do yourself at home. Still, for the deep scratches, your best bet is to leave it to the professional glaziers, so you don't cause more harm than good when you're trying to cut costs.

Professional glass restoration is a trade and an art that can only be mastered by the professionals, not to say it is a trade secret that most companies keep close to heart. At Unscratch the surface, you can be sure that our work is superior to any others. We're the leading firm when it comes to the restoration of glasses.

Our services include;

  • We remove Glass scratches both for houses and cars.
  • We resurface Tempered Glasses and fabrication debris.
  • We repair scratches that occur during construction.
  • We repair welding spatter on glasses.
  • We remove graffiti on glasses.
  • We resurface glass tables.
  • We can remove hard water stains.
  • We restore reflective glasses.
  • We repair curved glass scratches.

Contact Unscratch the Surface for flawless grass refinishing: 805-295-9020 for all those glasses. We are qualified professionals who offer quality services for all your glass needs.

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